The Blog block allows Premium and Pro users to create a blog and to write and post articles. Visitors can react to your posts with Facebook's comments. The articles' content (title, images, summary, ...), can improve your website's SEO. A blog can contain an unlimited number of articles. You can choose your article images, title, content and publication date.

Publish detailed articles
  • Set the number of articles per page
  • Text protection
  • Image protection
  • Choose your article publication date
  • Option to enable Facebook comments

Contact block


Contact block

By using the Contact block, your visitors can send you emails directly from your website. The block can be inserted on your website easily and allows you to choose the fields to be displayed and the ones that are required.

With the Contact block, your visitors will be able to contact you by email directly from your website.
The form is fully configurable, which allows you to choose the fields required, optional or hidden.
The different fields available are:

  • name
  • first name
  • address
  • phone number
  • mail subject
  • visitor email (required)
  • text field (required) 

When a field is added or removed, the Contact block is automatically resized.
Finally, for more security and to prevent spams, a secret code must be entered.

This block is directly available from the website editor for Premium users. If you have a free SiteW website, this could be for you the opportunity to benefit from all the Premium advantages: domain name, more pages on your website, detailed statistics, additional blocks...

Blog block

Comments configuration

Facebook comments configuration area