HTML Widget

The Widget block allows to add interactive content to your website. Here is a selection of Widget examples that you will be able to add with this block. You will find full explanation on how to use this block, as well as a list of websites offering free Widgets on the Widget block page. 
New: You can also add Gadgets to your website. You will find some examples at the bottom of the page.

Create your own blocks thanks to the Widget block!
  • Insert any HTML or Javascript code into your website
  • Customize your website the way you want
  • Can contain any HTML tag
  • Add design elements to your website thanks to Gadgets

Simple Paypal button

Below is an example of a simple button to sell a $10 product.

Custom button

Below is an example of an Add to cart button and a product with several options and prices.


Meter of visits

The block below contains an external script to create a meter of visits (Widgeo)


The Widget blocks can contain scripts allowing to create calculators


The Widget block allows you to insert a Google calendar. The calendar below allows to display days-off.


This gadget allows you to create backgrounds for your texts or images. This gadget also allows you to insert shapes like stars, circles, tooltips etc.


Ribbons can be used to present your titles. Here are the 3 ribbon types available:

Ribbon type 1

Ribbon type 2

Ribbon type 3

Custom buttons

Make your website more dynamic and more accessible thanks to custom buttons. You can choose between 6 different ribbon types.


The Title Gadget allows you to create titles using effects and modern fonts.

Title example

Title example

Title example

Title example

Title example


The Back-to-top Gadget allows you to insert a button allowing your visitors to go back to the top of page. You will find an example of this gadget on the right of the page.


Separators are lines allowing you to separate parts of text. You can also use this gadget to underline your text.